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English Walnuts The trees right before harvest Nut Shaker in action Sweeping up the nuts It's harvest time Cutting the grass, even in the Winter Marlene doing her part Hey, I can do it!Chopper filling up to spray on a calm night Bob cutting winter firewood Mailbox project over the winter Fall is so beautiful We never get snow.  Surprise! Waking up from cold storage Going home now Making the bed for the new block Looks like a military cemetery White paint to prevent sunburn Slow down; get your picture taken! Protecting the tender bark Installing tree stakes Rust makes great yard art Ah, Spring! Drilling clover cover-crop seed. Clover during first Winter Bob's main toys Okay, let's diversify a little. By golly there really is some gas down there! Keep coming! Finally started building the barn. Mama, meet Baby It's all done Mabel! Reduced 10 hr mowing time to 8.