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  Grape Harvest Photos



Here are a few photos of the Cabernet Sauvignon harvest at the family Poston Crest Vineyard in Calistoga-Napa Valley.  This young vineyard is really developing, thanks to our matriarch Mimi cracking the whip.  She has secured the current juice contract with the prestigious Cakebread Cellars in Napa Valley.  www.cakebread.com.

The Boss Favorite time of the year You tell him to go away! Gene sez the cluster looks pretty good. Shomari sez "smile" Gene taking a break. Mimi's support. Marlene sez "You're leaving too much fruit!" Vertical vines make easier picking. Matriarch Mimi looking over the process at Cakebread. Just stay out of my way! Bob sez "I hope I don't get dirty.  Gene, where are you?" 50 more to go. Really nice crop this year. The last one! That camera is slowing me down! Beautiful day for a harvest. Cakebread Cellars